Sunday, January 31, 2010


Aqua - Moondance
Outfit: AQUA - MoonDance - Red
Bangles (right Hand): dark diamonds pulsera izquierda
Bangles (left Hand), Earrings: KMJ-Death Becomes Her Hunt - Gift Box Women
Shoes: *sugar* - kan'sho shoes
Hair: SimplyBritnee Pluma - Medianoche
Skin: (*FS*) Skin - Elizabeth
Eyes: *CUPCAKES - Amore Eyes - Brown

Friday, January 29, 2010

Resting ..

Just have to do a little break after looking through als the nice gifts, i got dring the last days! This very nice place is called Living Art has a small creek within a little forrest and is a very nice place to do so :-)
Outfit: Coe Dust Designs Happy 10k
Shoes: The Dominion Diary Stilettos
Bangles: dark diamonds pulsera izquierda
Necklace, 2nd Bangles, Earrings: KMJ - Death Become Her Hunt - Gift Box Women
Tattoo: MysticHope - Princess of Hope Tattoo
Hair: *Brits* Pluma 09 - Medianoche
Skin: [PACADI Skins] - OLIVE - MakeUp #01b
Eyes: [MJ+DADA] Cabbage-eyes II: smoky-quartz

Under the Waterfall

Not the best picture, i made. But i like it somehow :) 
Unfortunately i forgot to bookmark the place, i made it...


Thursday, January 28, 2010

It's Winter Time!

The 10k Special of Cilian'gel for the Fabfree group inspired me of a winter picture. I usually dont care about seasons in SL, but as the winter is so unusual strong this year, i simply had to do this shot! It was made at the Season Alter sim, that is decorated with a really lovely winter landscape at the moment. There is so much more to explore than you can see on the picture. To have a look on you own, go there.
Picture taken on 01/28/2010

Outfit: Cilian'gel - Fabfree 10000 specials women
Shoes: The Dominion Diary Stilettos
Hair: *Brits*Valentino ' 09 medianoche
Skin: Pacadi Skin - Olive - makeup #1b
Eyes: [MJ+DADA] Cabbage-eyes II: smoky-quartz

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Once more Trixxy's Shop

Another great Outfit, designed by Trixxy Oh! This time its the new group outfit consisting of a shirt and some jeans. Its offered to all, joining the group for her shop. Its unisex,so the boys wont be excluded this time.

Art-Underground - Trixxy's

Picture taken on 01/27/2010

Outfit: ::Trixxy's Shop:: Group Join Gift - Unisex
Shoes: The Dominion Diary Stilettos
Necklace: ::MEZZO::Lucky:: Square longnecklace Black
Bangles: *Ticky Tacky* Daily Bangles
Tattoo: MysticHope - Princes of Hope Tattoo
Hair: Magika Hair - Biji - Black A
Skin: FS Skin - Maya Prototype (Glamour)
Eyes: Cupcakes - Sharp Eye - Brown

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Underwater scenerie

one of my first trys with windlight, this time a underwater scene.
same place, two different settings.

UnderWaterPlants A

UnderWaterPlants B

Friday, January 22, 2010

Sunset kissing

an old picture, but still very nice, as  think. Unfortunately, the sim does not exist anymore.


Picture taken on 04/03/2008

Witchlike Outfit

I love the outfits of MysticHope! And Kira Lavendel ist very generous with her Lucky Chair and MM gifts. Check out the store!!
Unfortunately, i didnt include the boots into the picture. But im sure, i wore some kind of black boots. Today i choose the The Dominion Diary Stilettos.

Picture taken on 09/23/2009

Outfit (Halfskirt, Jacket, Pants): MysticHope Lady Terribly Black
Shoes: The Dominion Diary Stilettos
Necklace: MysticHope Lady Terribly Collar Black
Bracelets: *Ticky Tacky* Daily Bangles
Hair: SimplyBritnee - Pluma Darkred
Skin: [CN] Skin - Uma - Ultra Fair - Kringle
Eyes: *Inspire 4 Natural Grey Eyes 2C

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Spirit of Peace by MysticHope

I was unpacking some recent objects, i collected during the last days. Doing that, i scrumbled about a Peace on Earth Hunt Gift from MysticHope, beautiful white outfit called Spirit of Peace.

Picture taken 01/21/2010

Outfit: MysticHope POE2 Hunt Gift "Spirit of Peace"
Hair: Magika hair - Biji - White A
Skin: [Atomic] Skin Fae_Cream - VIP Pink
Eyes: [Atomic] Eyes - Fae

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Art Underground - green style

Photo taken on 01/20/2010


Outfit: Hasi`s Burning Hearts Hunt Gift (Pants, Jacket), Hasi`s Fur Bolero with resizer - black
Shoes: *sugar* kan'sho shoes
Jewelry: <> Jewelry Set - 13 - Special Edition - Onyx
Hair: Amacci Hair Lisa ~Black Coal
Skin: [Atomic] Skin Fae_Cream VIP Pink
Eyes: [Atomic] Eyes - Fae

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Two unusual Avatars

Its always fascinating, what kind of unusual and fantastic avatars can be created in SL. I really admire the creativity of the creators!
I found two examples at Dare Design in February 2009:

Monday, January 18, 2010

Dare Design Twisted Hunt Autumn 2009

This Outfit is mainly the Twisted Hunt Outfit of Dare Design, given in the hunt in September 2009, including the Shoes.

Picture taken on 09/19/2009.


Outfit: DD Twisted Hunt Prize
Skin: [Rockberry] Kissed Hunt Dark
Hair: Abbie/Mariposa
Eyes: -SbZ- Eyefidelity IdealEyes Deep Violet

FabFree Contest Picture

The people of the Blog and Group FabFree - Fabulously in SL - tried to establish a picture contest. Unfortunately, it didnt work. Anyway i dont want to keep my picture from you:

FabFree Contest

Picture taken 03/12/2009


Dress(including stockings, gloves and shoulder coverup): Rfyre Fevor Gift - from Rfyre, Lucky Chair Gift
Boots: BM PVC Sky Boots - Black - from Baby Monkey
Hair: Taki Silver - from "Battle Angel", Twisted Hunt Gift
Eyes: N.B.Look_eyes_001-blue - from N.B.Look
Lashes: Freebies called "Altered Lashes in a strange jar 4 prims"
Skin: Fabfree - Cher's Rez Day Skin


Windlight gives you the tools to make nice pictures of sunsets. Here are two pictures, i made some time ago but still love them!!

Picture taken 04/02/2008

Picture taken 01/14/2009

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Trixxy's Shop

Picture taken 01/16/2010

Outfit: Combination of different Items from ::Trixxy's Shop::
Shirt: part of Midnight Mania Gift 9,
Jeans: Diamond Jeans dark
Shoes, Lip piercing, Belt: Hybrid Hunt Gift
Armband, Necklace: Midnight Mania Gift 11
Tattoo: :::Sn@tch Fantasy Tatt (Top and Bottom):::
Skin: ::Trixxy's Shop:: Express Yourself Hunt Skin
Hair: Calla Bellflower Darks (Plum)
Eyes: Plata Eyes by Katkreation