Saturday, February 13, 2010

Pixeldolls leather suit

Actually i wanted to blog this on a blog called WhataSL, but the owner removed it before, in secret without saying a word by the way. I was quite disappointed, but, if she doesnt want to maintain it, I blog it on my blog. :D
So, here it comes: By accident, i found a pinkt heart of the "That's Amore"-hunt at one of the (Pixeldoll) stores. I contains a beautiful merlot coloured leather suit in a kind of medivial style. I had to search for a apropriate setting for a shot! I think i found something this outfit fits well in.

Pixeldolls-leatherSuit 2

Outfit: (Pixeldolls) Leather Suit - Merlot - That's Amore hunt gift
Skin: (*FS*) Skin / Maya Prototype (Glamour)
Hair: GuRL 6 Felicity - Platinum
Eyes: Nightshade-Cr0oked-Sight-(Shadows)

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