Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Gother Than Thou

I did the Gother Than Thou hunt.
Here is an impression of things you can find. Hair and skin is no gift from this hunt but from ChiChickie's store hunt and at Heavens Gate/Cupcakes.

Picture 1:
Dress and Shoes: A Netherworld - Vamp Collector Dress - TTG GTT Hunt Gift
Necklace: ::GPD::Gothic Cross Necklace
Hair: ChiChickie! - Kyra Mahogany
Skin: Heaven's Gate Neo - Vampires bride Alice Skin Z02F
Eyes: NightShade -Cr0oked Gift Sight

Picture 2:
Dress and Shoes: ::GPD:: - Voo Doo Princess - TTG hunt gift
Necklace: ::GPD:: - Gothic-Choker with Cameo - TTG hunt gift
Skin: Cupcakes - Diamond Cameo Sweets
Hair: ChiChickie! - Lealie Black
Eyes: NightShade -Cr0oked Gift Sight

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