Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Parisian Graffitiwear

It seems, i develop a favor for outfits from Graffitiwear with pipe and beret *lol*. Here i blogged another one before!
And contrary to my usual postings, this one has many new and non free items.
Second is this gorgious skin. Its from Art Body Shop and comes in a fatpack with 7 makeups. The third are the nails from MoonDance. They come in several sizes and with a finger base to hide the nails on your skin.

Parisian Grafittiwear

Outfit: Graffitiwear - Parisian (new - includes clothes + beret scarf, shows, pipe)
Bangles: Ticky Tacky - Daily Bangles (1L$, no inworld store anymore .. only marketplace)
Hair: FacePalm - Cass - cocoa (fatpack Halloween gift, still there, hurry!)
Skin: Art Body Shop - Amy - pale2 (new)
Nail: MoonDance - Square Medium Passion (new)

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Grafitti Mix

Just a short post.. I found this denim Jacket from Graffitiwear so damn cute, i had to compose an outfit with it :)

Grafitti Mix III

Jacket: Graffitiwear - Black Denim Jacket (new)
Top: Concrete Flowers - stars offshoulder tops wine (old gift)
Skirt: JE*REPUBLIC - Tuyu Skirt (1L$)
Boots: Bootgasm - Tami Boots Plum (MM, now in Lucky Chair)
Necklace: ezura Xue - Deadly Delicious Necklace *Unisex (Darkly Delicious Hunt)
Face piercing: S.N.G - Tear Drop piercing (5L$, clearance area)
Eyes: Nomine - Stained Contacts - Eilistraee 2
Skin: Bare Sensual - Group Gift Halloween 2011

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Casual Paris Metro

This time i wear something more Casual than i often do. It is the TRPH gift from Paris Metro, i unpacked at last. Though the hunt is over, its still availible ar Paris Metro! Hurry!

Casual Paris Metro

Outfit: Paris Metro - Women's Yeti Fur Skirt + Deep V Umber (c/m)* (TRPH)
Necklace: KOSH - Bael Necklace (dollarbie)
Earrings: [ glow ] studio - Scary Halloween Set (earrings only, necklace included) (dollarbie)
Skin: AMD - Catalina - Peachy
Hair: ChiChicki! - Sarah - Ash (Sub-O)
Eyes: JE*REPUBLIC - Glitter Real Eyes - Moment - Blue Hole (10L, store hunt)

Glam Bride

I dont know, if this Gown is meant to be a brides gown, but that was the first, that came into my mind, as i saw this actual Group gift of The White Armory.
The hair is another free gift from a new to me shop called FacePalm. The necklace is the current  dollarbie from KOSH and the Scary Bat Set from glow studio is a dollarbie for Halloween, that I do not know how long it will be availible!

Glam TWA Bride

Dress: TWA - Calliope Gown Set (Group Gift)
Necklace: KOSH - Bael Necklace (dollarbie)
Earrings: [ glow ] studio - Scary Halloween Set (earrings only, necklace included) (dollarbie)
Hair: FacePalm - Kaandra II - BurntEbon 
Skin: Glam Affair - Gio Dark - Arancio

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Mystic Spider Vamp

Its long ago, that my ways led me to MysticHope. Its a great store for middleage and fantasy themed clothes and acessoires. They always have a freebie out for each man and woman, that lays next to the Lucky Chairs.
If you dont have a huge budget, they a have sister store called MysticParadies, where you can get all items between 50L$ and 60L$!
Today i spent some L$, too: The skin is this weekends offer for SBS of Heartsick, that comes with and without vamp teeth options. The hair is the Fifty5 Linden offer of Calico Ingman Creations. Its still out, so hurry!

Mystic Vamp III

The outfit of MysticHope includes also a skirt and cuffs and therefore can be worn as gown, too.

Mystic Vamp II

I thought I must show you a closeup of the worn jewelry from Alienbear's. The spider necklace is a halloween gift and the earrings are the gift for the Darkly Delicious Hunt, that starts today and goes untill the 12th of November.

Mystic Vamp I

Outfit/Gown: MysticHope Freebie - Woman (7.2011) - Miss Transylvania (freebie)
Shoes: SLink - Lara MaryJane Heels (sub-O gift)
Belt: Unique Needs - Twisted Belt 2009 (old gift)
Necklace: Alienbear's pumpkin - Black Widow necklace lady (freebie)
Earrings: Alienbear's - Dark Circle of life Earrings (blood) (DDH gift)
Skin: Heartick : Kawaii : Lullaby : Vampire SBS (MC / DB / Fangs)
Hair: Calico Ingman Creations - Lolth - Dark Steel
Eyes: Glamorize - Freebie Eyes 1 - Bluebrown (old Freebie)
Dark Lips with Teeth Tattoo: Heartsick - Vamp Fangs
Eyeliner + Lashes: Bare Sensual - Black Makeup Tattoo Layer + Eyeliner with Model Lashes (gift in group notices/free join)

Friday, October 28, 2011

Some Doll Glam

Todays outfits consists off some cute Dollarbies and Group gifts.
Glam affair gave a gorgious skin called Amelie - silent doll.
The dress is the current group gift of Mashooka (there is a gift for the man too, a great mesh indian suit) and members of Caverna Obscura can grab this Dryad Necklace. There a two witch hats included, too.
The Hair is a Dollarbie from Milana and comes with a color change hud.

Glam Affair + Mashooka

Dress: Mashooka - Meena lehenga {sunset} (group gift)
Necklace: Caverna Obscura - Maple Dryad - Autumn - Necklace (group gift)
Hair: Milana - Olive - Fat Pack (dollarbie)
Skin: Glam Affair - Amelie skin - Silent Doll (group gift)
Eyes: Glamorize - Freebie Eyes 1 - Bluebrown (old Freebie)

Friday, October 21, 2011

Mayor of Halloween

Another Halloween post.. i did not expect me to do another one :D

This beautiful gown was a Hunt gift of Rag Dollz within the sim hunt "Ghouls, Ghosts and ..."
But the idea for this pic came, as i found this skin at The Dressing Room. It is the current offer of Glam Affair. The Hair can actually be found at The Dressing Room Blue and is the current offer of LoQHair.

This Outfit can also be worn without the skirt but with dark grey pants, as a kind of Tuxedo.

Rag Doll's Mayor of Halloween

Dress: Rag Dollz - Mayor Of Halloween Town - Ladies
Skin: Glam Affair - Gio Dark - Arancio
Eyes: NEW LINE EYES - Violet brown
Earrings: Rhapsody! - Skull Earrings

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Its getting colder

So i put on something, that remembers me to sort my wardrobe for winter time :-)

Its getting colder

Dress: Jazmyn D - *previous* Snowflake gridwide hunt gift (girls) (free)
Shoes: DV8 - Licentia Stilettos - Gunmetal (group gift)
Ring: Lil' Bitz - Skull Phuk'd ring
Hair: Curious Kitties - Nyanotech 09-A Hair - Cindy V2 (free)
Skin: Eat Paste - cobwebs Skin (pale) - Spooky You gift
Sterling Artistry - sa_coutureEyes_Imaginary_Exclusive (Runway Perfect Hunt)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

{Frick} is back!

..and Halloween stepping closer within the anglo-american region..
And as Frick comes back now and celebrates it with a small store hunt, this is even for me a reason to write a Halloween posting! :-)
At Frick you can find seven witches hats with a skin in 5 tones and 2 dresses. They are not hard to find, so come over and search for them!

Alice in Pumpkin (Frick) 2


Dress: Frick - Alice in Pumpkin (store hunt gift)
Shoes: SKIFIJA - Absinth_v0.2_ANKLE BOOTS(BLACK) (25L Marketplace here)
Hair: D!va - Hair "Mana" (Type B)(Onyx) (15000 group member gift)
Skin: Frick - Pumpkin Alice - Sugar - Dk brows (store hunt gift)
Eyes: Sterling Artistry - sa_coutureEyes_Imaginary_Exclusive (Runway Perfect Hunt)

Monday, October 17, 2011

obscene poisoned

Todays outfit is mainly composed of items from Poison and the skin is the current group gift from the oBscene.



Jacket: Poison - Tartan jacket (group)
Top: Thalia - Ripped Top - Black (old gift)
Pants: Poison - Poison jeans pack - Red (group)
Shoes: YS&YS - FeelFree Wrap shoes TDR (old)
Necklace: Poison - Devastation necklace (group)
Hair: Rock Candy - Skippy Hair (Blonde) 2 (Savoir Hair gift)
Skin: the oBscene - Semiramis + light + dark b. /gift (current Group gift)
Eyes: Sterling Artistry - sa_coutureEyes_Imaginary_Exclusive (Runway Perfect Hunt)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Relaxing in the autums sun

These days may be the last days for some weeks with great weather, so i relaxed and enjoyed the sunbeams as long as i could today!



Outfit: Prism - Savannah by Journey for TRPH #41
Shoes: Quintessencia - The runway perfect hunt! - gift
Necklace: PurpleMoon - Mariah Necklace (Part of Mariah Set for TRPH)
Belly piercing: NightShade- Belly Ring - black widow
Skin: Skintimate - Meg dark no cleavage
Hair: L+N - Every day collection hair
Eyes: Amacci - GreyBrown Eye

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Halloween at Yasum!

Halloween is coming in big Steps! And Yasum Designs has a beautifull groupgift out for all, loving spooky Outfits! It comes with shoes, skin and eyes, though i dont wear the shoes.

Im not sure, but it seems as if the gown is made by Calla Fashion Home.

Peaceful Yasum

Dress: Yasum - Blood Night (Group gift)
Skin and Eyes: Yasum - Ramya*Special HalloweenEdition*CALLA FASHION (Group gift)
Shoes: Quintessencia - The runway perfect hunt! - gift
Hair: Calico Ingmann Creations - Eli - Dark Midnight

Pose: Morgane Baptista Poses - TRPH Morgane's runway - female pose 2 curtain (TRPH gift)

Friday, October 7, 2011


These are new mesh clothes from Mashooka. It consists of two parts, a short jacket and a skirt.
As I just lack of inspiration for further writings, i will leave you alone with an impression of it :D

Mashooka Chantal

Jacket: Mashooka - Chantal colbert - Mesh {prussian} (new)
Skirt: Mashooka - Chantal skirt- Mesh {prussian} (new)
Shoes: Felicity - Valerie - Stitched Charcoal High Heels (old S&D Exclusive)
Hair: Calico Ingmann Creations - Darla - (with color HUD)
Skin: Yasum - Ramya*Doll*SNOW /cleavage /Fame (Freebie)
Necklace: iGems - world peace pearl necklace (old POE Hunt item) (store closed)

Pose: [doll.]

Location: Gracie Island Forest

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Chreative Chaos

.. or mostly the Chaos, controlls my life more often than i like!
But this time I am lucky and it is only the name of the store, i got the dress from :-) It sells dresses and outfits for medival and gorean roleplay. They have several Dollarbies out and regular changing MMs. So run and look around for some good goodies!
The Skin is the current group gift from Exodi (750L$ to join, i hope you already did!) and the hair is a group gift, too. It is from Alice Project and comes as a Mega Pack with Color Change HUD (includes tipped hair)

Creative Chaos

Dress: Creative Chaos - Dollarbie "Rhea" /ivory
Hair: Alice Project - Mandi - Mega Pack (sub-O)
Skin: Exodi - Sophie - Lumiere (October group gift)
Eyes: La Sylphide - Eyes - Bright Blue (store closed)
Lipstick and Kajal: LpD - Lipstick Cherry and Black Strong Kajal (Dollarbie in store)

Friday, September 30, 2011

Red Seal Hunt 2011

Today, i did the short Sim Hunt "Red Seal Hunt 2011". It begins here.
The most participants acted on the guideline and gave something more or less red. So it is no suprise, that i combined the gifts to a red outfit. And i love it, as i love Red! :D

Red Seal Hunt


Dress: [Raspberry Aristocrat] - Petunia (Red Seal Hunt 2011) - attention, its Mesh!
Boots: Indyra Originals - Augustine Boots (Red Seal Hunt 2011)
Necklace and right bangle: Mia's Gems - Spider Collection Gift Bag (Dollarbie)
left bangle: JUNK Jewelry - chevron bangle - ruby (Red Seal Hunt 2011)
Hair: [Raspberry Aristocrat] - Petunia II Hair (Red Seal Hunt 2011)
Skin: Skintimate - Angelina Group Special Edition (current group gift)
Eyes: [sauce] neons & neutrals gift - polar ice (eyes for collabor88)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

On A Night Walk

I love Black and i love Red.. So, as i saw this Dress on a notecard, i must have it and arrange a picture with it! Here you are:

On A Night Walk


Dress: Mashooka - Janice dress - Mesh {red} - Group Gift
Shoes: Coy:ott - Crossed straps heels black (Rebranded to Urban Warehouse)
Jewelry: Mia's Gems - Spider Collection Gift Bag
Hair: CiC - Silva
Skin: Al Vulo! - devotion red dot skin (old group gift)
Eyes: PixelDolls - Yvaine Eyes (old gift)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

At the Sea

I am a constant reader of "SL for Nowt". It is a really great Blog, not only with good hint for clothing but also for simply managing your Second Life.
On Saturday, she began her "Inventory De-cluttering Schedule" on the blog. I thought her suggestion to be a good idea and began to look through the oldest items i have in my inventory. The result is this. Only the shoes and the pose are from the current Car wash Sale. The others are at least from Spring last year. A good outfit for the coming fall, isnt it?

It's me!

Jacket: The Black Cranary - Tainted Hearts - Malice
Pants: Nyte'N'Day - Black Sheer Pants (slightly modified/shortend)
Shoes: Heartsick - Mischief Boots : Black/Gray (Cart Wash Sale)
Hair: Exile - Fastball eclipse
Eyes: Dulce Secret - Forest Eyes 10
Skin: Snatch - Plush Skin - Tone 2
Pose: Love me brutal - consent (Cart Wash Sale)

P.S.: The SLURLs to Heartsick and Love me brutal lead to the Cart at the Wash Sale.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

More Vamp

Sometimes, things develope in direktions, you did not expect.. i love this look! ;-)
It began when i saw the eyes at the reopened shop Vel's Boutique and went on, when i spotted the vendor picture at Heartsick. She promoted the lightest skin with these fang tattoo...

The Vamp


Dress: Petunia - Feathers Black Evening Gown
Necklace: Kennedy's - "Dani" Necklace-Spine (till tomorrow at LOW HQ)
Face tattoo: Frick - Creepy Tattoo - Vengeance - Full Makeup (in remembrance of the creator, shop closed)
Kajal: LpD - Black Strong Kajal (old gift)
Vamp fangs: Heartsick - Vamp fangs (group gift and included with the worn skin, too)
Skin: Heartsick - Nocturne : Lullaby : Torrid LVE (current La Venta Eventa item (one of 4 tones))
Hair: Lola Hair
Eyes: Vel's Boutique - Bloodlust Ruby (50L$)

Monday, August 22, 2011


Today something more casual, as long as you dont look too close....



Top, Pants: Galaxy Rise - Jeans and Tanks (group gift)
Black top: Beautiful Dirty Rich - Hotter Than U Mini Top B ( old group gift)
Shoes: LALA Moon - Suede Boots (freebie)
Bangles: Curious Kitties - Simple Silver Bracelet (freebie or groupgift)
Hair: Magika - Lime - Black B
Skin: Al Vulo! - bitu* paradise bird bronze (old TFG)
Eyes: Dulce Secrets - Frosted Eye 07 (freebie)
Lip Tattoo: Heartsick - Vamp Fangs (group gift in notices)
Eye Tattoo: LpD - Black Strong Kajal (gift)

Location: Mysterious Isle

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Hide 'n Seek

Rambling through and cleaning my Inventory brought to light:


Top: Beautiful Dirty Rich - Hotter Than U Mini Top B (old gift outfit)
Skirt: !Damned - Rev Kilt Black Womans (gift)
Pants: !Damned - Rev Black Jean Shorts
Tattoo: Para Designs - Snake Twist Color
Skin: Skintimate - Harley Group gift (still availible)
Hair: Magika - Lime Black (very old, no more availible)
Eyes: Dulce Secrets - Frosted Eye 10 (cheapie)

Location: Tomahawk

Monday, July 25, 2011

Rummaging around in my inventory

As my inventory fills up and fills up and.. ok you know.. i thought i may begin to sort some things from my objects income folder into away to where it belongs... this way i found a really cute dress, that can surely be worn in a medivial setting. Speaking of PixelDolls: They have a sale till the 1st of August. All items are set to 25L$, because the items will be retired to make room for new.
Rest look below....

Medival Orange-Red I

Closeup for the skin:



Dress: PixelDolls - Diane Dress A - Autumn
Necklace: TFG - Necklace Ethnic Special Summer Edition (gift)
Hair: Damselfly - Felicity - Black Pearl (old gift)
Skin: Baiastice - Special Asian - Group Gift medium makeup2
Eyes: glow - Scenic Eyes - Sacramento (TDR)
Prim Nails: Red Mint - (5) No.09 - Manicure

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Just for Fun!

I made this post in the new Shop Area of Heartsick. Amesha Jewell moved down to the ground and created a really beautiful place for her Shop!
On this picture i wear the current group gift from her brand Heartsick. The dress is the 5000 members gift of BoSL from Paris Metro, that includes the left bracelet. The right one plus the necklace are the current TFG gift bzw can be bought there. The Hair is the current TDRB exclusive from Exile and the eyes from glow are sold at the TDR.



Dress, includes left bracelet: Paris Metro - Sant Tropetz Tenu (c/m) (gift)
Necklace: Ethnic Special Summer Edition (TFG)
Right bracelet: TFG - Group Gift Special Summer Edition
Nail polish: Ibizarre - Nail polish - punta ana pink (Freebie)
Hair: Exile - Camille: Roots-Swiss mix (TDR)
Skin: Heartsick - Spirit : Muse : Starlet GG (current group gift)
Eyes: glow - Scenic Eyes - Sacramento (TDRBlue)

Friday, July 15, 2011

Sad Fallen Angel

I scrambled through my inventory once more. I found an old Twisted Hunt gift from Favole - the wings and necklace - , that made me create this Avi:

Sad Fallen Angel


Outfit: Gothica - Seduce Outfit (Freebie)
Shoes: Bad Juju - Winged Heart Boots
Tattoo: Gothica - Chaos Arm Tattoos (part of Chaos Chick Avatar, Freebie)
Wings: Favole - Megalomaniac (old Twisted Hunt gift)
Necklace: Bad Juju - Winged Heart Posture Collar
Skin: Fior di Perle - Helena goth red with tattoo/jewels dark red lips V4
Hair: Diversity Hair - Kiki - Black (dont know if shop still exists, cant find it)
Eyes: Shiva - Eyes-02 (group gift)

Pose: marukin - like a sweet sweet pea (Freebie or Dollarbie)

Friday, July 8, 2011

Black and White Loving Kitty

Thankfully its only a bad dream!



Outfit, including Boots and Hair: Beautiful Dirty Rich - Bipolar Kitty (White/Black) (8k+ members gift)
Skin: Glam Affair - Layla D (4th July gift)
Nail polish: Ibizarre - Nail polish - lava (freebie)
Pose: exposeur - Little Hearts (current subscribo gift)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

A simple Fairy

Its ages ago (at least it feels like this), that i grapped the fairy outfit from Simply Fae. A few days ago, i stumbled over it during some inventory sorting. At this moment, sorting was over and i came to a really cute fairy avi.



Outfit, including wings and flats: Simply Fae - Nim white fairy dress
Skin: Essences - Sarah / Pale01
Face Tattoo: Essences - Eyeliner Sarah
Hair: D!va - Maya (Platinum) (Group gift)
Eyes: Hudson's Clothing - Glossy Rainbow Storm (Gift, not sure if still availible)

Friday, July 1, 2011


I found some more freebies, from *Gothica*, ChiChickie! and Gabriel.
I show you only one outfit from *Gothica*, but you can find 6 dresses and 1 full Avi there!
The skin is a gift you can find on the desk at ChiChickie!. The shoes are the newest group gift from Gabriel.


Dress: *Gothica* - Seduce Outfit
Hair: *Gothica* - Chaos Chick Funky Hair of the Chaos Chick Avatar
Shoes: ::GB:: (Gabriel) - Gladiator Sandals Black
Skin: ChiChickie - Skin gift "Azaela" Skin - Exclusive by KBR Skins
Eyes: Hudson's Clothing - Glossy Rainbow Storm (Gift, not sure if still availible)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Lemania Indigo Alphabet Soup Sale

Lemania is having a unusual Sale: From A to Z, she opens her inventory and puts all, thats means also prior Releases, on Sale! For example, you will get this really pretty dress for 99L$.

Lemania Indigo

And for everyone, who looks for a real bargain and who does not eschew a hunt, shes also having a "Alphabet Hunt". Search for the Actual Letter, still an A i think, touch the sign for more informations, and get another dress for 10L only.


Dress: Lemania Indigo - Abigal Adams
Skin: Belleza - Female Skin Peace on Earth hunt
Hair: Zero Style - You *(Raven)_M
Eyes: Hudson Clothing - Glossy Rainbow Storm (current group gift)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

i know its not good for my health..

..but i thought, its really cute! This new outfit even includes the shoes, not to speak about the smoking pipe!

Grafittiwear - Smokin'

This new Grafittiwear release consists of all you can see in the picture including a belted corset top, velvet skirt, string tides, beret, leather driving gloves, the smoking pipe and the red high heel shoes.

The hair is from Bishwear and it is free till the Hair Fair. So hurry to get it! The eyes are the last freebie of Hudson Clothing called Glossy Rainbow Storm Eyes. Necklace and Skin can be found within the current collection of The Fashon Garret and are from MOOD and Essences.


Outfit: Grafittiwear - Smoking (new release)
Skin: {essences} - Sarah Chocolatte (TFG)
Eyes: Hudson Clothing - Glossy Rainbow Storm (freebie)
Hair: Bishwear - Vaneza-Ebony short
Necklace: MOOD - Chaos Choker - gun metal

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

No good idea, but sometimes, you do silly things..

I had to try, if its possible to make a nice picture on this laptop, but it was definitivly not a good idea.
But if you want to take a closer look on these items, go to The Fashion Garret. I cant name the items, but they all belong to the collection. Only the Shoes are from Drakke.

The Fashion Garret (June11)

Credits not given in detail, sry. Visit the Fashion Garret..

Monday, June 20, 2011


Thanks to my internet service provider, I may be offline for the rest of the week..
CU soon! *waves*

Sunday, June 12, 2011


I had to take this Picture!

SCNR - Village of Nyght


Outfit: Blue Blood - Florence Corset - Special Twisted Edit Waist Accessory
Necklace: Bad Juju - Majick Necklace
Shoes: Drakke - "Starry" Ankle Boots (Black) (60L Weekend!)
Tattoo: Para Designs - Black Bloom Tattoo (old MM Prize)
Hair: Exile - Lucia:Roots-Midnight mix (current TDR Blue offer)
Skin: Fior di Perle - Ember Goth skin - red makeup - red lips (60L Weekend!)
Eyes: Shine - Monet Iris

Location: Village of Nyght

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Emo-tion with Black Maria

Once more, you can see me wearing Black. It seems, im in Love with this Color.. and you are right! :D
I saw this dress, the current groupgift of Emo-tion, on the Fabfree blog and simply had to make my own outfit with it. As Renee did, i combined it with the Zombie Hunt Skin from Glam Affair, but decided to wear other hair. I made my decision, when i saw the hair at The Fashion Garret. Accidently i stumbled across the neclace from Sunshine Diamond. Only the shoes took me a bit longer, but i finally found them at the Depraved Dealers Mall.

BlackMaria II

Dress: EMO-tions - *MARIAH* dress (groupgift)
Shoes: Beauty Killer - Hooker Heels - Goth
Necklace: Sunshine Diamonds - Set Berenike
Skin: Glam Affair - Layla Light Skin - my sweet vampire (Zombie Hunt 4 gift)
Hair: Action - Hair Sarah - Coal [1PACK] (TFG)
Eyes: Shine - Monet Iris

Friday, April 8, 2011

Whats there?

I got toknow a new shop: Caverna Obscura. Its a shop with fantasie clothing and acessoires, from elves to druids to fairies and others. She also has some elven/drow and fairy skins. I won the cape, hood and Shoes from the group Lucky board. But to join, you need to buy something there for at least 250L$.
But getting this set, i had to make my own drow outfit! Some weeks ago, i bought this skin from Nomine and within the depth of my inventory i found the right clothes to complete the outfit. Cool, isnt it?

Sneaking Drow

Click the pic to enlarge


Hood, Cloak, Boots: Caverna Obsura - Drow Warrior Cloak&Boots Box
Shirt, Pants: MysticHope - Woman Free Black (old gift)
Skin: Nomine Mosaic Drow - light
Eyes: Nomine Stained Contacts - Eilistraee 2
Hair: SimplyBritnee - Contigo/Luna

Location: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Ode/147/34/41

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Twisted Hunt I

I didnt do the twisted hunt yet in a serious way yet. But its nearly impossible, not to stumble across some items, you can found there. And what I found makes me be tempted to try it though! In this pic, the hair ist the gift of DV8 (and its a full pack with all possible colors!!). The dress is the gift from Dare Design. Its also wearable as lingerie, really she was too generous again!

Twisted Hunt I

Dress incl. shoes: Dare Designs - Bloodraven (Twisted Hunt Spring 2011)
Hair: DV8 - Lenore (Reds) Mousy Red (Twisted Hunt gift)
Skin: Glam Affair - Nina V-Day 02
Eyes: Umedama Holic - RE:G:03-(M)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Landscape Pictures

Today, i dont have any Dresses or Styles to show you. This time I want to post some of the pictures i made at the Alirium Sim a few days ago. Its just brilliant what the owner created there. So beautiful i can loose hours wandering through the magical forests and places!




If you want to have a look there for you own, just visit this place: http://slurl.com/secondlife/alirium/204/97/1035

Friday, February 4, 2011

Have a Break

So much to see, so much to explore, so much to try out.. I need a Break!
This place, next to the Disco Deals & the Riot Room exhibition, was what i needed.. and while sitting there, i noticed i also need new nail polish.. *sighs* Let's go!

Have a Break


Outfit: WoE - Graecyn (Ruby)
Shoes: Lizzy - Sexy Shoes (very old gift)
Tattoo: Sn@tch Fantasy Tatt
Piercing: VIRTUAL INSANITY - ADDICT Piercings Set
Glasses: Lunna's - Daxx Sunnglasses 1
Skin: Glamorize - Iris 10 Skin
Eyes: Glamorize - Valdia's Eyes

PS: The SLURL for Lunna's leads to the Kastle Rock Couture Sim. I found it during the Diamont Hunt, tats still on till Sunday, 6th of February. If you want it, hurry!
Sry, i dont have another SLURL..

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

TDR Style

So, just the second one today, wow!
I saw this Dress at The Dressing Room and simply had to buy it. Its still availible there for 70L. The Skin was sold at the TDR too, but its from the former collection, sry.
Finding some matching shoes was the hardest part, while putting together this outfit. But finally i found these already quite old sandals in the depth of my shoes folder. I think they were the first ones with sculped feet i got. But they are still great, thats what good quality looks like!



Dress: LeeZu! - Viela FlexiDress /redhotpink (TDR)
Shoes: Vixen Sculpted Foot and Toes Stiletto Heels Red Display
Hair: Beautiful Dirty Rich - Fabi Hair Majestic
Skin: Glam Affair - Castalia Skin - natural -Night (TDR)
Nails: Ibizarre Nail polish - pale fuchsia
Eyes: Umedama Holic - GemStone Eye G04
Lashes: DarkerSide - Snowflake Lashes

Location: Oh My Stars

Black and White.. with Colors!

I know, its some days ago, when i made this shot. But i still want to blog it.. :-P
I was excited, when i came to see a sim, made in the style of the black white movies in the 20th. Im very bad in using software like photoshop. So this gave me the oppotunity to make this picture without nestling with it. Love it!

PS: The Necklace can be found on the 1L$ Wall at Tekeli-li. Its really great, you can change the color and texture on nearly every part of it! Have alook there!

Turquoise I


Top: Rock Me Amadeus - Lovely Corset Turquoise
Pants: Coe Dust Designs - Leather N Lace
Shoes: *Felicity* Xana Stilettos in Turquoise Group Gift
Skin: Glam Affair- Castalia Skin - natural -Night (TDR item)
Hair: Analog Dog - baby cocoa
Eyes: Sn@tch Soulful Eyes (Grey)
Tattoo: Sn@tch Fantasy Tatt
Necklace: Tekeli-li - Piscene Necklace

Location: Reasonable Desire Island (http://slurl.com/secondlife/Reasonable%20Desires/82/159/26)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Garden of Dreams

Gothic Dreams - or better Gothic Romance - at least that's the name of the Outfit. I added the TTG hunt gift skin of DarkerSide and Eyes from Dolce Secrets and voila! Don't i look cute?

Moon - Garden of Dreams_014-cut

Dress: Gothic Romance-Womens
Shoes: .:Pelletteria Morrisey:. Black Leather Boots
Skin: *DarkerSide* - Gother Than Thou Skin
Eyes: ::DS:: Forest Eyes 10
Hair: Exile Ali/twilight

The Dark Side.. once more..

I wanted to clean my inventory, and found a demon skin and hoofs. So I began to compose this demon avatar: This was a great idea, wasn't it? :-D

Demon Lava Cave 2

Jacket: part of the "LC - MysticHope Lady Terribly Black" outfit
Pants: thong of the "!STC Welcome Gift Nikita" dress
Skin: Fatal Error - demon skin female
Hair & Horns: part of the Demonology hunt gift "Demonenavatar Prim & Pixel"
Tail: Burning Chrome - Multi Tail
Hoofs: Sinful Needs ~ Female Demonic Hooves
Eyes: Frick - Nemesis Eyes Black
Bangles: K.Aeon - Spiral Bangles
Necklace: Tuft - Gothic Cross Necklace

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Some more Experiments..

I only wanted to have a closer look on the many unpacked and not yet sorted items in my inventory and stumbled across this beautifull dress of IMANI at first.
It looks so great together with the other stuff I am still wearing, I could not resist but take some pictures! An here you are. This one i choose for Posting:

Imani @ GPD

Dress: IMANI - Leona Mini Dress Scarlet
Shoes: !Drakke - "Dakota" Boots
Skin: !MM! - Silent Red
Hair: JE*REPUBLIC-Rebecca-Ash Black

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

One Dress, three Looks

I played around with different skins and was amazed again, how much the impression of a look differs depending on the skin you wear! Look yourself!



dress: !STC - Club Celt Mini Dress Black
Shoes: !Drakke - "Dakota" Boots
Hair: JE*REPUBLIC - Rebecca-Ash Black
Eyes: Eye_Deep_Blue

Skin left: -SR- Prototype III Pale (a)
Skin right: sry, i forgot... :-(

Skin down: !MM! - Silent Red