Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Dark Side.. once more..

I wanted to clean my inventory, and found a demon skin and hoofs. So I began to compose this demon avatar: This was a great idea, wasn't it? :-D

Demon Lava Cave 2

Jacket: part of the "LC - MysticHope Lady Terribly Black" outfit
Pants: thong of the "!STC Welcome Gift Nikita" dress
Skin: Fatal Error - demon skin female
Hair & Horns: part of the Demonology hunt gift "Demonenavatar Prim & Pixel"
Tail: Burning Chrome - Multi Tail
Hoofs: Sinful Needs ~ Female Demonic Hooves
Eyes: Frick - Nemesis Eyes Black
Bangles: K.Aeon - Spiral Bangles
Necklace: Tuft - Gothic Cross Necklace

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