Friday, February 4, 2011

Have a Break

So much to see, so much to explore, so much to try out.. I need a Break!
This place, next to the Disco Deals & the Riot Room exhibition, was what i needed.. and while sitting there, i noticed i also need new nail polish.. *sighs* Let's go!

Have a Break


Outfit: WoE - Graecyn (Ruby)
Shoes: Lizzy - Sexy Shoes (very old gift)
Tattoo: Sn@tch Fantasy Tatt
Piercing: VIRTUAL INSANITY - ADDICT Piercings Set
Glasses: Lunna's - Daxx Sunnglasses 1
Skin: Glamorize - Iris 10 Skin
Eyes: Glamorize - Valdia's Eyes

PS: The SLURL for Lunna's leads to the Kastle Rock Couture Sim. I found it during the Diamont Hunt, tats still on till Sunday, 6th of February. If you want it, hurry!
Sry, i dont have another SLURL..

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

TDR Style

So, just the second one today, wow!
I saw this Dress at The Dressing Room and simply had to buy it. Its still availible there for 70L. The Skin was sold at the TDR too, but its from the former collection, sry.
Finding some matching shoes was the hardest part, while putting together this outfit. But finally i found these already quite old sandals in the depth of my shoes folder. I think they were the first ones with sculped feet i got. But they are still great, thats what good quality looks like!



Dress: LeeZu! - Viela FlexiDress /redhotpink (TDR)
Shoes: Vixen Sculpted Foot and Toes Stiletto Heels Red Display
Hair: Beautiful Dirty Rich - Fabi Hair Majestic
Skin: Glam Affair - Castalia Skin - natural -Night (TDR)
Nails: Ibizarre Nail polish - pale fuchsia
Eyes: Umedama Holic - GemStone Eye G04
Lashes: DarkerSide - Snowflake Lashes

Location: Oh My Stars

Black and White.. with Colors!

I know, its some days ago, when i made this shot. But i still want to blog it.. :-P
I was excited, when i came to see a sim, made in the style of the black white movies in the 20th. Im very bad in using software like photoshop. So this gave me the oppotunity to make this picture without nestling with it. Love it!

PS: The Necklace can be found on the 1L$ Wall at Tekeli-li. Its really great, you can change the color and texture on nearly every part of it! Have alook there!

Turquoise I


Top: Rock Me Amadeus - Lovely Corset Turquoise
Pants: Coe Dust Designs - Leather N Lace
Shoes: *Felicity* Xana Stilettos in Turquoise Group Gift
Skin: Glam Affair- Castalia Skin - natural -Night (TDR item)
Hair: Analog Dog - baby cocoa
Eyes: Sn@tch Soulful Eyes (Grey)
Tattoo: Sn@tch Fantasy Tatt
Necklace: Tekeli-li - Piscene Necklace

Location: Reasonable Desire Island (