Friday, April 8, 2011

Whats there?

I got toknow a new shop: Caverna Obscura. Its a shop with fantasie clothing and acessoires, from elves to druids to fairies and others. She also has some elven/drow and fairy skins. I won the cape, hood and Shoes from the group Lucky board. But to join, you need to buy something there for at least 250L$.
But getting this set, i had to make my own drow outfit! Some weeks ago, i bought this skin from Nomine and within the depth of my inventory i found the right clothes to complete the outfit. Cool, isnt it?

Sneaking Drow

Click the pic to enlarge


Hood, Cloak, Boots: Caverna Obsura - Drow Warrior Cloak&Boots Box
Shirt, Pants: MysticHope - Woman Free Black (old gift)
Skin: Nomine Mosaic Drow - light
Eyes: Nomine Stained Contacts - Eilistraee 2
Hair: SimplyBritnee - Contigo/Luna


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