Friday, July 15, 2011

Sad Fallen Angel

I scrambled through my inventory once more. I found an old Twisted Hunt gift from Favole - the wings and necklace - , that made me create this Avi:

Sad Fallen Angel


Outfit: Gothica - Seduce Outfit (Freebie)
Shoes: Bad Juju - Winged Heart Boots
Tattoo: Gothica - Chaos Arm Tattoos (part of Chaos Chick Avatar, Freebie)
Wings: Favole - Megalomaniac (old Twisted Hunt gift)
Necklace: Bad Juju - Winged Heart Posture Collar
Skin: Fior di Perle - Helena goth red with tattoo/jewels dark red lips V4
Hair: Diversity Hair - Kiki - Black (dont know if shop still exists, cant find it)
Eyes: Shiva - Eyes-02 (group gift)

Pose: marukin - like a sweet sweet pea (Freebie or Dollarbie)

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