Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Chreative Chaos

.. or mostly the Chaos, controlls my life more often than i like!
But this time I am lucky and it is only the name of the store, i got the dress from :-) It sells dresses and outfits for medival and gorean roleplay. They have several Dollarbies out and regular changing MMs. So run and look around for some good goodies!
The Skin is the current group gift from Exodi (750L$ to join, i hope you already did!) and the hair is a group gift, too. It is from Alice Project and comes as a Mega Pack with Color Change HUD (includes tipped hair)

Creative Chaos

Dress: Creative Chaos - Dollarbie "Rhea" /ivory
Hair: Alice Project - Mandi - Mega Pack (sub-O)
Skin: Exodi - Sophie - Lumiere (October group gift)
Eyes: La Sylphide - Eyes - Bright Blue (store closed)
Lipstick and Kajal: LpD - Lipstick Cherry and Black Strong Kajal (Dollarbie in store)

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