Tuesday, October 18, 2011

{Frick} is back!

..and Halloween stepping closer within the anglo-american region..
And as Frick comes back now and celebrates it with a small store hunt, this is even for me a reason to write a Halloween posting! :-)
At Frick you can find seven witches hats with a skin in 5 tones and 2 dresses. They are not hard to find, so come over and search for them!

Alice in Pumpkin (Frick) 2


Dress: Frick - Alice in Pumpkin (store hunt gift)
Shoes: SKIFIJA - Absinth_v0.2_ANKLE BOOTS(BLACK) (25L Marketplace here)
Hair: D!va - Hair "Mana" (Type B)(Onyx) (15000 group member gift)
Skin: Frick - Pumpkin Alice - Sugar - Dk brows (store hunt gift)
Eyes: Sterling Artistry - sa_coutureEyes_Imaginary_Exclusive (Runway Perfect Hunt)

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