Saturday, October 29, 2011

Mystic Spider Vamp

Its long ago, that my ways led me to MysticHope. Its a great store for middleage and fantasy themed clothes and acessoires. They always have a freebie out for each man and woman, that lays next to the Lucky Chairs.
If you dont have a huge budget, they a have sister store called MysticParadies, where you can get all items between 50L$ and 60L$!
Today i spent some L$, too: The skin is this weekends offer for SBS of Heartsick, that comes with and without vamp teeth options. The hair is the Fifty5 Linden offer of Calico Ingman Creations. Its still out, so hurry!

Mystic Vamp III

The outfit of MysticHope includes also a skirt and cuffs and therefore can be worn as gown, too.

Mystic Vamp II

I thought I must show you a closeup of the worn jewelry from Alienbear's. The spider necklace is a halloween gift and the earrings are the gift for the Darkly Delicious Hunt, that starts today and goes untill the 12th of November.

Mystic Vamp I

Outfit/Gown: MysticHope Freebie - Woman (7.2011) - Miss Transylvania (freebie)
Shoes: SLink - Lara MaryJane Heels (sub-O gift)
Belt: Unique Needs - Twisted Belt 2009 (old gift)
Necklace: Alienbear's pumpkin - Black Widow necklace lady (freebie)
Earrings: Alienbear's - Dark Circle of life Earrings (blood) (DDH gift)
Skin: Heartick : Kawaii : Lullaby : Vampire SBS (MC / DB / Fangs)
Hair: Calico Ingman Creations - Lolth - Dark Steel
Eyes: Glamorize - Freebie Eyes 1 - Bluebrown (old Freebie)
Dark Lips with Teeth Tattoo: Heartsick - Vamp Fangs
Eyeliner + Lashes: Bare Sensual - Black Makeup Tattoo Layer + Eyeliner with Model Lashes (gift in group notices/free join)

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