Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Parisian Graffitiwear

It seems, i develop a favor for outfits from Graffitiwear with pipe and beret *lol*. Here i blogged another one before!
And contrary to my usual postings, this one has many new and non free items.
Second is this gorgious skin. Its from Art Body Shop and comes in a fatpack with 7 makeups. The third are the nails from MoonDance. They come in several sizes and with a finger base to hide the nails on your skin.

Parisian Grafittiwear

Outfit: Graffitiwear - Parisian (new - includes clothes + beret scarf, shows, pipe)
Bangles: Ticky Tacky - Daily Bangles (1L$, no inworld store anymore .. only marketplace)
Hair: FacePalm - Cass - cocoa (fatpack Halloween gift, still there, hurry!)
Skin: Art Body Shop - Amy - pale2 (new)
Nail: MoonDance - Square Medium Passion (new)

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Grafitti Mix

Just a short post.. I found this denim Jacket from Graffitiwear so damn cute, i had to compose an outfit with it :)

Grafitti Mix III

Jacket: Graffitiwear - Black Denim Jacket (new)
Top: Concrete Flowers - stars offshoulder tops wine (old gift)
Skirt: JE*REPUBLIC - Tuyu Skirt (1L$)
Boots: Bootgasm - Tami Boots Plum (MM, now in Lucky Chair)
Necklace: ezura Xue - Deadly Delicious Necklace *Unisex (Darkly Delicious Hunt)
Face piercing: S.N.G - Tear Drop piercing (5L$, clearance area)
Eyes: Nomine - Stained Contacts - Eilistraee 2
Skin: Bare Sensual - Group Gift Halloween 2011

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Casual Paris Metro

This time i wear something more Casual than i often do. It is the TRPH gift from Paris Metro, i unpacked at last. Though the hunt is over, its still availible ar Paris Metro! Hurry!

Casual Paris Metro

Outfit: Paris Metro - Women's Yeti Fur Skirt + Deep V Umber (c/m)* (TRPH)
Necklace: KOSH - Bael Necklace (dollarbie)
Earrings: [ glow ] studio - Scary Halloween Set (earrings only, necklace included) (dollarbie)
Skin: AMD - Catalina - Peachy
Hair: ChiChicki! - Sarah - Ash (Sub-O)
Eyes: JE*REPUBLIC - Glitter Real Eyes - Moment - Blue Hole (10L, store hunt)

Glam Bride

I dont know, if this Gown is meant to be a brides gown, but that was the first, that came into my mind, as i saw this actual Group gift of The White Armory.
The hair is another free gift from a new to me shop called FacePalm. The necklace is the current  dollarbie from KOSH and the Scary Bat Set from glow studio is a dollarbie for Halloween, that I do not know how long it will be availible!

Glam TWA Bride

Dress: TWA - Calliope Gown Set (Group Gift)
Necklace: KOSH - Bael Necklace (dollarbie)
Earrings: [ glow ] studio - Scary Halloween Set (earrings only, necklace included) (dollarbie)
Hair: FacePalm - Kaandra II - BurntEbon 
Skin: Glam Affair - Gio Dark - Arancio