Monday, February 4, 2013

Blogger Challenge: Blast of the Past

My first Blogger Challenge!
I hope, i do not disappoint the initiator of it *blush*....

My photo editing skills are very very poor, so i simply do not do it!
In this post, i blogged my "Blast of the Past" picture the first time. Though it is in a blog entry from 2010, its originally made in September 2009. When i started this blog, i shared a lot of older pics, just because i liked them so much :-)

The Outfit is from MysticHope, a really phantastic designer for medivial and roleplaying outfits. I love them soo much! And they still run there business.
The Bangles come from Ticky Tacky. They only sell on marketplace now.
Eyes come from Eyes 2C.
Hair is from Simply Britnee and skin from Cyanide, that both closed their doors, as far as i know.

Here is the picture once more (was there windlight in 2009? I don't know, how it was possible to do such a sunset picture):


And now the Version today:

Blast from the Past

And in the end this is the photo, i cut out my the second picture. "Is there someone?":

Blast from the Past

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