About Jaqui

I'm am Jaquelline, or Jaqui, as some say :) I am a resident of SecondLife since 2007.

I began to take pictures of outfits to remember, how i combined the items to become a special look and to find them within the depth of the inventory. Since you can create links and make entries for outfits within the "My Outfits"-folder, this is not necessary anymore.

But doing this, i became more and more fascinated and passionated in SL photography. I am a lousy photographer compared to others, but i learn more and more.

I do not photoshop my pics very much. The most Pictures only get this 3D-button border, because I like it this was. A few pics are slightly optimized with contrast, gamma or brightness. But mostly, you see on my pics what i see on my monitor in world.

You may realize, that there was a break with posting Pictures. By the time, the system requirements for the SL viewer got higher and one day, I could only use very low graphics settings to enjoy SL without lag. But making pictures needs higher settings. This took the fun away and I logged at rare intervals. Xmas 2017 I got a new computer with much better graphics. Now its fun again and I realize, I still enjoy the time I spend with taking pictures and writing blog posts to show them to the public.

I hope you enjoy my pics! And if you have any suggestions or tips for me, leave a comment!

Thanks for visiting my blog!
Yours Jaqui